Okay, here’s the truth. Once upon a time, at the ripe age of 3, I galloped across the bowling alley to see my dad who, as was routine, launched me into the air like the tiny dancer I was, only to be greeted by a fan blade to the forehead. What happened next is a blur because of the pain, but mostly because I was 3 and now I’m 33 so I can’t recall. But I can only imagine it sounded like kittens dying. A number of stitches, and chocolate ice cream later, and I haven’t been the same since. You see, I was *probably* going to be your regular corporate overachiever. But then my dad had to go launch me into a ceiling fan and I haven’t fit into a box since. BTW, I hate chocolate ice cream now. Coincidence? I doubt it. ANYWAYS, now I'm a photographer, setting my own hours, working at weird hours of the night, and raising my babies with a happy heart. It's probably my dad's fault.

I'm Blakely!


I was honestly blown away at every stage of the experience. She made me feel special, from booking to follow up, even while being halfway around the world. She instantly put me, my husband, and my family at ease. She was able to deal with the madness of large family shoots, and somehow also combated the intimate nature of couple's portraits immediately following. Even my HUSBAND said - "hey, taking those pictures was actually fun." She accommodated special requests and connected me with an amazing videographer too. And, the pictures speak for themselves - they are BEAUTIFUL! I can honestly say, she made the most wonderful day of my life even better.



- Ali & Oliver

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